Published: 29th Jan 2019

The perfect PPC landing page

Chris Redhead - Digital Media Manager

For any pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, your landing page is one of the most important elements.

A good landing page helps make the user journey from search to conversion a seamless one. Not only that, but Google looks at the strength and relevance of an ad’s landing page when determining quality score – better landing pages means cheaper cost-per-click.

Here are our top tips for creating a perfect PPC landing page:

1. Keep it consistent.

Just as you match your ads to your keywords, you should match your landing page to your ads. Keep your keywords, copy and branding consistent, so it makes sense to the user when they arrive there after clicking on an ad. Otherwise, you’ll just lose them.  

2. Keep it relevant.

Make sure the message in your ad follows through on your landing page. If a user has clicked on an ad about cheap sunglasses, that should be what they see on a landing page. A general category page about eyewear will be a poor landing experience in this instance, and is likely to result in lower conversions and quality score.  

3. Keep it simple.

Figure out what you want your customer to do when they land on your page and focus the layout and design purely on that. Don’t force them to click around to find the answer or product they’re looking for or overwhelm them with too many elements.  

4. Keep it clear.

A clear call to action will help ensure you get the conversions you want. If you want users to fill in a contact form, make that the most prominent element of the page. If you want them to watch a video, make it easy and compelling to do so.  

5. Keep it mobile-friendly.

You may find that the majority of your traffic is coming through on mobile devices. So make sure your landing page looks great on mobile, or users will bounce pretty quickly.  

6. Keep it fast.

Closely linked to the importance of mobile-friendliness is the ever-growing importance of page load speed. It’s worth investing in ensuring your PPC landing pages are fast, as modern online consumers don’t like to wait around. Studies have found over 40% of visitors will bounce if load times are more than 3 seconds.   

7. Keep it fresh.

Your landing page is never finished. Update elements like copy, calls to action, design and layout to see what impact it has on conversions. Using a tool like Google Experiments enables you to A/B test new landing page elements and assess performance in an easy, accessible way. Even if your page is performing well, a series of small changes could help it perform even better. 


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This article was updated on: 29/01/19

Chris Redhead - Digital Media Manager