Published: 16th Mar 2018

How can brands break inertia in financial services?

Tim Jones - Managing Director

It’s almost ten years since the financial crisis.

Banks are working to rebuild trust, the FCA are facilitating innovation and the fintech revolution means people have more choice and more opportunity to make banking easier and take control of their finances.

So why aren’t people moving to new, customer centric financial products and services?

As part of true’s Open Finance programme, we’ve conducted new research in partnership with insight consultancy Strive.

Our Breaking Inertia report explores why, despite the flood of exciting new propositions, customer inertia persists.  It examines the key challenges for fintech adoption: the importance of a human brand, uncertainty about Artificial Intelligence and concerns over data and privacy. And it reveals 3 steps that are key to changing behaviour in 2018 and beyond. 

Read the report.