Retail & ecommerce.

We’ve worked with some of the leading brands in retail and ecommerce for over 15 years. We’ve developed digital strategy, products and campaigns for the likes of Furniture Village, Pet Drugs Online and leading global shutter ecommerce retailer, Shutter Group.

The traditional retail market is a tough place to be.

The growth in ecommerce, coupled with the enforced absence and opening limitations caused by social distancing are leading to many retail brands re-thinking their strategies. But, ecommerce is also not the answer alone, it’s an ever crowded market increasingly dominated by Amazon and a growing number of manufacturers stepping into the direct to consumer environment out of necessity in part.

But there is opportunity for the brands that can get it right, those who are ambitious, really think about how to create a fantastic customer experience and are fluid in their approach to channels and willing to think about a seamless customer experience across digital, out of home and in-store where they can.

Of course, price is still critical, but as google’s recent research into purchase behaviours and decision making in shopping, found there is an increasingly important ‘messy middle’ when brands need to work really hard to give consumers fewer reasons to go elsewhere as they flit between the ‘explore’ and ‘evaluate’ phases of their purchase. It’s in this space that retailers who embrace omni-channel thinking, whole customer journey planning, and define the role data-driven personalisation and AI can play will win out.

We have helped a number of ambitious brands define their digital and ecommerce strategies and helped them grow, managing their ongoing ecommerce, campaign and digital media. Brands include Furniture Village, TCMM Shutter Group, Pet Drugs Online, Dartington Crystal, All Saints and Timberland.