13 best self-care ideas


Self-care is any activity we engage in to take care of our daily personal needs; Such as feeding oneself, bathing, brushing teeth, wearing clean clothes, and caring for medical matters, which is vital for our mental and general health, and ironically, it is something that we ignore frequently.

There is no doubt that every person wants to take care of his mental health, so self-care is not only for those who suffer from mental illness, but also healthy people, it is important that we all take time to do the things that make us happy because they will renew our activity, recharge our energy and be at best Our Cases In this article, we will discuss several ideas that will help us in providing self-care for ourselves.

What is self-care?

What is self-care?

Self-care can include any activities that make you feel fresh, refreshed and satisfied such as getting a new haircut or massages, taking a trip, or eating at your favorite restaurant, as well as meeting your basic daily needs.

Reasons for low interest in self-care

An individual may experience difficulty in self-care for several reasons:
The presence of psychosis
A person separated from reality (including hallucinations or delusions) has difficulty in caring for himself.

Depression can sometimes lead to a person not caring about himself

This causes him to lose appetite or motivation, lack of energy, or feel a sense of self-hate, all of which can weaken the ability to care for oneself.

Survivors of abuse or violence may find it difficult to maintain good self-care habits.

Dementia-related cognitive decline can weaken self-care skills.

  • What are the goals of self-care?
    All people have different requirements for self-care, which not only mean reducing or treating occupational stresses, but also relate to promoting happiness in general, and there are common goals for almost all self-care efforts:
    Care for mental, physical and psychological health.
    Healthy handling of stress.
    Respecting your emotional and spiritual needs.
    Maintaining the individual’s personal and social relationships.
    Maintaining a balance between personal, academic or professional life.
  • Is self-care a selfish act?
    Self-care is not an act of selfishness. Individuals who do not care about their emotional and physical needs before meeting the needs of others, their emotional or physical condition deteriorates with time, so those individuals who care about others, whether at the professional level or in personal life, may find themselves especially exhausted if they do not devote what Enough time to take care of themselves, and once they meet their own needs, they may often find themselves more able to help others meet their needs.

Emotional self-care through healthy handling of anxiety, anger, sadness and other feelings is an important aspect of self-care, and this type of self-care can often be achieved by setting borders with people, especially those who are not positive or supportive and may have an impact Negative to the psychological state of a person .. You are not obligated to continue a relationship with a person who does not have any relationship and has an abundant supply of negative psychological energy, because you will be affected by it sooner or later.

Good and healthy relationships can help an individual maintain a positive mental framework, but friends who only want to meet their own needs, or family members who leave an individual feeling tired or depressed, will not likely help improve an individual’s mental or emotional condition, and an individual may find Having trouble meeting your emotional self-care needs is it helpful to schedule time with people who don’t support or help him.

  • Benefits of self-care practice
    Self-care improves our lives in different regions and in different ways, all of which are important to our general health, and the practice of self-care can have noticeable effects on our self-esteem. When we take care of ourselves, we thus affirm our self-worth, and through our concern for ourselves and our needs we say to ourselves: “You deserve this.
13 best self-care ideas

1- Through regular self-care
Our self-awareness is greatly enhanced, and usually the activities that we choose are something we really enjoy, and it also gives us the opportunity to devote and try new things, and that enables us to know what we do and what we do not like, and if we discover new interests, it is likely that this leads to New feelings and goals.

2- Self-care encourages self-development
As it enhances comfort and relaxation, which benefits our general health and health relations, and when our self-esteem and self-awareness improve, this has a positive impact on our minds in general, and this in turn allows us to care for our friends and loved ones in a way that we may not have been able to do before. .

3- Identify and manage general challenges faced by all professionals who work hard, such as the potential for stress and fatigue or personal difficulties.

4- Knowing our weaknesses
Such as the possibility of re-trauma (if you have a history of trauma), alternative or secondary trauma (if you work with individuals who report their traumatic experiences), and empathy fatigue (which you can develop from a combination of exhaustion and alternative trauma).

5- Achieve more balance in your life
By maintaining the attention that you place in the different areas of your life and promoting it in a logical way.

  • Do we practice self-care enough?
    In a small survey conducted on the social networking site Twitter to see whether people are practicing self-care as much as they feel they need it, and the results were as follows: Out of 135 people, 77% of them are not practicing self-care sufficiently, and this is expected to be the case Others if more people participate in it; In fact, we do not practice self-care as much as we need.

Low energy or lack of time may be one of the most common reasons for not practicing self-care as much as we need, but our financial situation, feelings of selfishness, or feelings of guilt are contributing factors as well, and many of us believe that the practice of self-care makes us appear as selfish, but this view is far from Truth.

  • Self-care ideas
    Self-care is not required by wasting time or draining ourselves physically or costly; Sometimes, some simple things that we do regularly can make us feel lively.

Creating a personal care routine is ideal, and the easiest way to do this is to set self-care days during the week, and many people may feel they don’t have time to exercise a lot of self-care, and the best way to get rid of that is scheduling and organizing, and write down the self-care methods that you have chosen On your calendar, customize the time for it.

In general, we will present the following a variety of easy and useful ideas to help with self-care that you can start implementing on a regular basis:
1- Play with your pet (or your pet if you have one) or visit a pet store to spend time with an animal
As playing with an animal is very beneficial to your mental health. Listening to a cat’s purr is said to relieve emotional tension.

2- Keep a notebook or diary
Write down any of your thoughts and whatever you want when you want to share something, good or bad.

3- Do social activity
Doing a social activity can be very beneficial, go to a group counseling session or join a group that interests you online.

4- Draw or color
Drawing or painting can be a great way to relax and unwind, color in a coloring book, or use some watercolors and paint the paintings you like.

5- Cook a healthy meal
Or do some household chores, or order healthy ready-made meals and spend a night at home.

6- Take some extra time in the bathroom
Take a shower twice and keep your hair under water after shampooing. Then, turn your back into the water, close your eyes, and feel the water flowing over your back as you take your deep breaths.

7- Buy yourself a new book and read it
Reading is a great way to relax, and it is a great way to learn new things.

8- Take care of your skin
Take some time to exfoliate your face and moisturize your skin.

9 – Do some yoga or exercise or go for a nice walk
You do not have to do vigorous exercises to be in good health, as many sources recommend around 75 to 150 minutes of physical activity each week, and of course you do not have to do a marathon or raise the iron, but it is enough to walk for at least 30 minutes several times a week.

10- Engage your mind regularly with puzzles and creative activities
It is a great way to make sure that you are practicing mental self-care.

11- Try to be alone for a while
Even people who enjoy the company of others generally need some time to be alone.

12- Add the spiritual component to self-care
You can spend time in a church, mosque or other religious building. Religion satisfies your spiritual need by communicating with the Creator, and you can practice spiritual self-care in many different ways, such as volunteering to help others in need, or spending some great time outdoors communicating with nature, or doing some religious practices and values ​​that interest you.

13- Take a nap
Don’t underestimate the power of napping during the day, as it is good and beneficial to renew your activity for the rest of the day, and giving priority to sleep is another tactic for self-care, and try to adhere to 7-9 hours of sleep every night for a week and see what you feel comfortable.

  • The bottom line
    Self-care expresses the activities and practices that we can participate in regularly to reduce stress and maintain our health and happiness in the short and long term, and self-care is necessary to increase your effectiveness and your success in fulfilling your professional and personal obligations.

Each of us may differ in the areas he emphasizes and the balance he seeks, but self-care is something that we must not concede, and we all have our mental health, and it is extremely important that we take care of our health by practicing the appropriate activities for us .. So you never feel guilty because you Take care of yourself .. then you really need yourself.