7 essential things for home interior decoration


Interior decoration

When choosing home interiors, many people tend to prefer the modern style, whose lines match the narrow apartments, as the modern style is known for its clear and simple lines, and for its elegant colors. In this context, “selfcaregate.com” explains the basics of interior decoration for a modern home.

7 essential things for home interior decoration

• Neutral colors, such as white and beige, are used in painting the walls of the guest reception hall, especially if the furniture fabric bears bright colors, with the possibility of distinguishing a wall by painting it in one of the seasonal colors, if the fabric is plain.

• It is advised to choose comfortable sofas and seats, which are covered with cloth, cotton or Alcantara leather, while keeping away from silk due to the difficulty of cleaning the mentioned material.

• It is necessary to choose light colors for the ceiling, as well as the modern business style in it, and there is no objection to merging simple classic lines with it. The ceiling can be designed from gypsum board, to carry hidden lighting, away from the chandeliers, while achieving “cornices” in it. The design of the false ceiling (Voblavon) is preferable in the form of multiple patterns in wood colors, or any light color equipped with lighting units, or candlesticks in separate sizes that hang from the ceiling with tape, according to various geometric shapes.

• Wallpaper is an element of decor, as it carries many decorations, patterns, and geometric shapes, in addition to its multicoloredness. When a particular wall is clad with wallpaper that carries many patterns and colors, it is not possible to hang accessories that are visible on it, unless it is painted in calm colors, such as white ivory, and it is pleasant to provide it with lighting in the form of “apicates”, paintings or mirrors.

• The floor must be chosen in a light color, such as beige, white or gray, with a drawing on it. The rug, in turn, beautifies the scene, so it is best to choose it small so that it does not extend to the bottom of the sofas, and its colors are consistent with the colors of the cushions.

• Curtain designs should not be exaggerated, but rather choose the soft, pull-down ones that open and close to the right and the left, which are often made of transparent (voile) and thick fabric, or it can be satisfied with the lined voile from the bottom, or choose the bateau curtain that opens and closes from Bottom up, with the possibility of inserting cushion fabric in its design.

• In large empty corners, any color or type of material, such as “chrome”, wood or cloth, can be used, even in dark colors. If the area of ​​the corners is narrow, then the elements that enhance the lighting must be chosen, while employing mirrors in them.