New 9 tips for decorating hallways of apartments


Corridors connect the parts of the house, and their function must be exploited in terms of operation and aesthetics, and the following décor tips are followed.

9 tips for decorating hallways of apartments
9 tips for decorating hallways of apartments

Decorating hallways of apartments

• It is attractive that light tiles cover the floors in the corridors, away from the dark colors that narrow the space. In this context, tiles with geometric shapes can be chosen in the form of triangles or squares, depending on the prevailing design. There is no objection to introducing a dark color to the floor, in a small amount. For example: around the corridor or as mannequins in the middle. This design can be repeated in the ceiling, by implementing it with gypsum board, provided that the latter contains openings with hidden lighting, with the possibility of inserting “spotlights”. An indication that the ceiling is pleasing with gypsum board design, because the corridor is usually devoid of exaggeration in decor due to the limited space.

• It is preferable to avoid painting the walls of the corridors in dark colors, or using wallpaper for them. It is preferred to use neutral colors, such as white, to give more spaciousness.

• The walls of the corridors are liked to be clad with wood, the material that rises to about a meter. And in this frame, if the wood is dark, the space is painted in a light color, or vice versa.

• It is imperative to refrain from placing a long carpet on the floor, because it has an old style. On the other hand, it is recommended to lay the floor with parquet in a light brown color.

• It is necessary to avoid decorating the corridor with plants, because they need a source of natural light, which is absent in the corridor that lacks windows and balconies.

• Furniture should not be placed in a hallway, because simplicity is its absolute characteristic.

Tips for decorating hallways of apartments
Tips for decorating hallways of apartments

• It is desirable to decorate a wall with mirrors, because it gives a feeling of spaciousness, especially if the corridor is narrow. Another wall is decorated with family photographs surrounded by elegant frames, or by a group of high-end paintings, while avoiding placing two mirrors opposite each other, so as not to distract the eyes.

• When covering the entire area of ​​a wall in the corridor with mirrors, it is desirable to paint the opposite wall in a striped pattern, or to adopt the design method that requires drawing a line of paint and another of wood.

• In the long corridors of apartments, separate pieces of carpets must be laid on the floors. In this framework, two pieces of carpets are rectangular in shape, and in the center is a circular piece made of embossed fur.