The keto diet in 7 days : impressive results


The keto diet is one of the most followed dieting regimes in the context of slimming, especially for those who want to lose excess weight quickly, that is, within a week.It is known that when following any type of diet aimed at losing weight, it is necessary to adhere to its rules to achieve its desired goal. In this context, “” informs you of the keto diet program within a week.

Keto diet application program

One of the goals of the keto diet is to reduce your carbohydrate intake
One of the goals of the keto diet is to reduce your carbohydrate intake

The keto diet relies on reducing the consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates, to stimulate the metabolism, and thus burn fats stored in the body for energy, in addition to increasing the intake of fats represented in red meat, poultry, eggs and fish, as well as butter and various types of cheese, but in limited proportions. In addition to low-carb vegetables, as well as nuts, fruits, olive or coconut oil.
One of the main rules for ensuring weight loss in a week, as part of the keto diet, is to focus on the following meals.

The keto diet program in a week
The keto diet program in a week

First day

Breakfast: Two fried eggs, with the desired vegetables.
Lunch: a piece of meat (burger), with cheese, mushrooms and avocado.
Dinner: steak and red cabbage salad.

The second day

Breakfast: an omelette with mushrooms.
Lunch: tuna salad, with celery, tomatoes and desirable vegetables.
Dinner: Grilled chicken, with broccoli.

The third day

Breakfast: Sweet pepper stuffed with cheese and eggs.
Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, with a slice of turkey, cheese and avocado.
Dinner: grilled salmon, with grilled spinach or fried in coconut oil.

The fourth day

Breakfast: a cup of full-fat yogurt.
Lunch: Two slices of steak, with cauliflower, cheese and avocado.
Dinner: a slice of roast beef with a plate of broccoli.

The fifth day

Breakfast: Two boiled eggs, with a fruit of avocado.
Lunch: a plate of vegetable salad, with boiled chicken and salsa.
Dinner: a slice of steak, with vegetables.

The sixth day

Breakfast: cauliflower, with cheese and avocado.
Lunch: beef or salmon burger.
Dinner: a slice of roast beef, with boiled pepper and steamed broccoli.

The seventh day

Breakfast: Two boiled eggs, with vegetables.
Lunch: Skinless and fat-free chicken pieces, a layer of vegetables, with cucumber and cheese.
Dinner: Grilled salmon with butter.

What should be eaten on the keto diet?

Foods that are allowed and "forbidden" on the keto diet
Foods that are allowed and “forbidden” on the keto diet

Here are the foods that should be eaten on the keto diet:
Meat of all kinds, seafood, eggs, full-fat dairy products, and fruits that do not contain carbohydrates (broccoli, koi, cherries, clementines, melon, peaches, raspberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.
Low-carb vegetables that are allowed to eat include: cauliflower, cabbage, avocado, zucchini, spinach, asparagus, collard greens, green beans, and Brussels sprouts.

On the other hand, it is advised to abstain from the following:
Rice, pasta, wheat, corn, potatoes, sugars, soft drinks, unnatural juices, dried and canned fruits.